Corporate Profile


Main Office/ Factory 〒193-0821
838-3 Kawa-Machi, Hachioji-Shi, Tokyo
TEL:+81-42-659-1315 FAX:+81-42-659-1316
Capital 15,300,000 Yen
Sales Office 〒483-8332
224, Hidakachokadono, Konan-shi, Aichi
TEL:+81-587-58-6728 FAX:-81-587-58-6729
  1. Air leak tester (Airproof inspection device) Inspection devices for leak test, pressure and flow measuring devices Design, production and sales
  2. Digital pressure gauge
  3. Various kinds of test stand
  4. Air pressure and hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic unit, etc.
  5. Various kinds of power saving device


1961 Established company as sales air equipments
1968 Developed and leak tester. Began sales operation
1971 Developed leak tester for the pipe coupler to be used in gas and water system
1976 Developed and started selling low-cost leak tester
1981 Developed leak tester for the condenser used in nuclear power plants
1989 Developed Direct Pressure-Type Leak Tester
1991 Developed computerized leak tester
1991 Developed leak tester for the water faucet fittings
1996 Developed Patented pressure difference secondary measurement-type leak tester
1998 Developed low-cost computerized leak tester
1998 Developed ice mold leak tester
1999 Opened company webpage
2003 Established Komaki office
2003 Started selling Digital Pressure Gauge NDP6000 series
2007 Started selling Hardness Tester (Standalone type)(NP-200)
2008 April Established Factory No.2
2009 Got the patent for temperature compensating system
2011 Sign an agency contract with Kinetic Systems, Inc. in Malaysia and Singapore
2012 Sign an agency contract with MNS Automation in India
2013 Relocated the head office to the current address and consolidated the No.2 factory
2014 As the third president, Tomoya Nakamura was installed
2016 Signed an agency contract with PINES in Korea
2017 Our Aichi ken Komaki-shi Sales Office was relocated to Konan-shi